Wednesday, December 19, 2007

British women’s hair loss ‘from stress’.

Record numbers of women in Britain are suffering from hair loss and acne because of stress and busy lifestyles, researchers have said.

A study of 2,052 women aged 18 and over, found that 19 per cent suffer or have suffered from hair loss and 38 per cent have adult acne.

More than a third of women, or 35 per cent, have been to their doctor about the problem, the study said.

Anita Ellis, a registered nutritionist, described the results as “extremely worrying”.

She said: “The fact that over a third of women have been to their GPs highlights how serious the problem is. There needs to be more information for women on how to deal with these conditions.”

The research, carried out by Vitabiotics Perfectil, which makes vitamin supplements, also found that 27 per cent of women never wear the recommended level of sun protection factor cream on their face.

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