Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Hair Loss: What really works?

There are many pharmaceutical prescription drugs available to treat all kinds of ailments and that includes hair loss. However, some people who experience hair loss and scalp disorders don’t want to take drugs for their problems. They just don’t want to risk side effects; it’s simply not worth it. They don’t trust the ingredients the drugs are comprised of and they would rather stick to other treatments that don’t involve the use of drugs. These drug free hair loss treatments include everything from laser treatments that stimulate hair follicles to grow to specialty topical plant based treatments that use special ingredients to stimulate hair follicles. These drug free hair loss treatments (plant based treatments which are tried and clinically tested) work when correctly prescribed for many people so give them a try to cure your hair loss. Before starting any treatments make sure that you see one of our trichologists for a correct diagnosis.