Sunday, February 17, 2008

Is laser hair removal treatment painful?

In one pulse, the laser can remove all the hair on a patch of skin the size of a nickel (depending on the specific laser spot size ranging from 9-18mm on average – i.e. the “head” of the laser from which the power is coming with every pulse). Everyone’s pain threshold is different, but generally laser hair removal is not much more painful than waxing, but the sensation is different. It resembles a rubber band snapping against the skin for a quick second with each pulse. Most people do not require an anesthetic cream (like EMLA), but one may be used for very sensitive patients/areas (can be provided or prescribed at the clinic). Be aware that using anesthetic creams is only safe on small areas (like upper lip, bikini, or underarms) and in small quantities. Using it on large areas like the back can cause adverse effects or even death. Consult with your tech and doctor if unsure.