Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Baldness Treatments Introduction and Risks Involved

After obesity, baldness is the major health issue. This is a problem for about 66% of men. They are suffering from baldness in some form or the other. To understand the causes of baldness, first you have to know the fundamentals of hair loss.

Hair loss is a natural process
Shedding of hair is a common, natural and ongoing process in all mammals. Human beings are not an exception to this, and baldness treatment is also not a very easy process to go for.

Generally, at any given time, about 10% of the hair on the scalp is in a state of dormancy and finally sheds. This is a natural and desirable process, as it leads to new hair growth. You have to keep in mind that basically hair consists of dead cells caused by natural processes. So these cannot remain permanently on your scalp. If you try to do this, it would be detrimental.

Know the reasons for hair loss
Though the hair loss is more in people with advancing baldness, it is a natural process that happens with aging. Some unnatural reasons for hair loss could be - effects of major surgery, ingestion of pharmacological agents like 'clot busters', disruption of hormonal levels because of thyroid dysfunction, chemotherapy in cancer patients, severe hairstyles, diabetes, and psoriasis. In case of women, using oral contraceptives may also cause excessive hair loss.

Hereditary factors also cause partial or complete baldness. Unfortunately modern science is not able to counter this.

Stress and emotional trauma are the main contributing factors for baldness. Elimination of these can arrest excessive hair loss and baldness. Before using certain shampoos, conditioners and hair oils make sure they are suitable for you. Otherwise they may increase the problem. It is recommended to use shampoos and conditioners on an alternating basis because your scalp gets used to certain ingredients and will fail to respond after a while.

How to treat hair loss?
Basic baldness treatments start with scalp massages using nourishing oils. Using the oils containing arnica, Indian amla and hibiscus will be of right help. These oils act as great stress busters. They also help supplement and maintain your scalp's essential moisture equilibrium. They can prevent dryness and brittleness of your hair can cause hair loss. A scalp massage also helps in adequate blood circulation in your head and proper oxygenation of the scalp tissues. They can prevent premature hair loss.

In case of scalp psoriasis and fungal, viral, or bacterial infections, the medical elimination will unquestionably reverse certain cases of hair loss for baldness treatment. If these are on a chronically recurring basis in case of anyone, treatment helps in preventing further hair loss. There is one thing everyone has to keep in mind - healthy lifestyle and proper diet are very necessary for stopping hair loss and avoiding baldness.