Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Natural Hair Loss Remedies

Losing hair is inevitable for many people, though there are natural remedies out there than can help to prevent such a thing from happening. Some herbal and natural hair loss remedies include different techniques involving food, sunlight, etc. These remedies can be found easily and really do help to fight male pattern baldness and can be effective against thinning hair as well.

The first easiest way to help fight hair loss naturally is to get the right vitamins that you need for your hair to grow. Many people don’t realize that by changing your diet and certain vitamin and mineral intake amounts, hair loss can be preventable. Begin by altering your diet to increase your zinc intake. This is a mineral that is responsible for an oily scalp and helps grow strong hair follicles. Other vitamins and minerals that help are silica and heme iron. These natural remedies for hair loss will not prevent male pattern baldness, but may help keep hair thicker longer.

There are supplements that can be taken offer the vitamins and minerals needed to help with hair loss.

Besides natural hair loss remedies such as vitamins that help hair loss, natural and unnatural grooming habits may also have an affect hairloss. The first topic to discuss when it comes to grooming and hair loss is the brush. Brushing or combing your hair too much is damaging to your hair and can lead to damaged hair and, eventually lost hair. However, it is beneficial to brush your hair within reason, as it relaxes the scalp, and stimulates blod flow to the follicles on the scalp.

Also, avoid using a fine tooth combs on your hair. Usually these are used when the hair is wet, which is a time when hair is weakest and can be damaged much easier than if it were dry.

Shampoo can also be a leading cause of hair loss if you’re not using it correctly. Don’t use too much of it because it can strip your hair of the nutrient it needs. Letting your hair naturally accrue oils means it will be getting the nutrients necessary to become stronger and healthier. Shampoo/conditioner combinations are also not a wise choice because when they are combined they lose their respective strengths and do not give the hair what they are supposed to.

Perhaps the most natural hair loss remedy out there simply involves getting enough blood flowing to the scalp. This can be accomplished in a number of ways. One way is by massaging your scalp. This is a great way to relieve stress, which is what causes less blood flow to your scalp, and thus is a major factor in hair loss. Deep breathing and lying with your feet propped up are other good ways to get your blood flowing where it is needed. A strong supply of blood to the scalp means natural and healthy hair and a decreasing chance of hair loss.