Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Hairloss Products

Too many hair loss products rather hair growth products are available today. In fact, web sites dealing with hair loss get so many clicks that hair loss can be considered amongst the top ten most searched topic. No wonder you are confused. Well any one could be confused.

So what hair loss products should I choose?
Lets make it a point not to call these products hair loss products. We will call them hair growth products. So that gives a positive feel. There are too many products - wigs, pieces, concealers, shampoos, conditioners, sprays, oils, colors and what not. The very idea of having your hair done differently for an occasion should not send ripples down your skin (or your hair).

One important issue that people tend to ignore (carefully) is that hair loss products that give great results are all given by doctors. So what is our site doing here giving advice to you on the products? All we are trying to do is open up your mindset to the kind of products available in the market, while also giving you some tips on how to look for them.

Know Thy hair
Apart from knowing more about hair loss products it is very important that you try and know more about your hair. It is not just what type of hair you have, but more about how your hair behaves on a hairy day or on a dry cold day. Your eating habits also form a part of your hair. Did you ever realize this before?

If you are wondering what next. Well you have arrived. Now that you know that doctors advice needs to be taken while also knowing your hair you are ready to know which products help you and which don't.

Some tips to help you suitable hair growth products:

Do not assume that your problem will be solved over night. It will take more than that. In fact, in some extreme cases such products will need atleast six months.
Spend time on the net. That is the best way to find information. But also note that information on the net can also be deceptive. Spend considerable time before zeroing in on your hair growth product.
If a product does not meet such standards, you can complain such issues to the association. If a product does not meet such standards, you can complaint such issues to the association.
Do not try a product just because some one else, (either your friends or some one who expresses their happiness about a certain product on a web page) finds it good.
Try to get all the information possible about ingredients in the product. The more information you have the better product that you will be able to choose for yourself.
After concluding that you have chosen a certain product, ask the web site owners (or doctors associated with it) to advice you more about the product with reference to your problem.
No matter what, do not show haste in using the product. Try the product on a little part of the hair near or on the scalp. If there is any irritation because of the product, it will be small and can be controlled soon.
If the hair growth product irritates your skin even though the 'trial' didn't, don't panic. Call your doctor and tell them the problem.
Using the tips above should ensure a safe method of finding hair loss products (read hair growth products).