Wednesday, November 07, 2007

What to Do When Nothing Works to Prevent Hairloss?

From times immemorial, hair has been considered to add more definition to ones expression. If observed carefully, just the hair style of one nation or culture is enough to relate it to the people who use it. Such importance has given rise to a certain fear in peoples minds about losing hair all of a sudden.

Hair loss results from several reasons. The main reason, however, in most cases is an improper diet more than hormonal imbalance. Preventing hair loss is simple as long as few tips are followed.

Before starting off, there is one simple point that we generally fail to notice. We all know that 20-30 minutes of exercise is good for health. Though we know this, we ignore it with never ending reasons. Hair care is more of a discipline than a quick fix, and takes some time before hair starts looking good.

Prevent Hair Loss through Exercise
Many doctors talk of exercise at the end of their counseling session. However, it is the foremost thing that 'bores' people and yet gives them what they want - health. The best exercise that anybody (read any body) can get is a combination of walks and stretches with few 'relax-periods' in between. Yoga has a good combination of stretching exercise with that miraculous 'shava asana' that relaxes the body.

One would easily wonder how and why exercise helps hair growth and prevents hair loss. The answer is simple - because exercise regulates blood flow, and gives magical strength to a body. Blood flow and oxygen supply make hair use the diet properly

Prevent Hair Loss through Healthy Diet
Diet or more popularly balanced diet is generally considered important in cases of obesity and other health issues.However what is astonishing about hair loss is the fact that hair loss or growth is not considered as a complete health issue.

Balanced diet and regular exercise mainly help in maintaining the energy levels necessary for your body.The other health issues follow, hair loss prevention being one of them. Infact exercise and diet together is a simple combination in all the health issues.

A good diet for hair should include proteins, vitamins and minerals. Fruits, vegetables, milk, fish, eggs, nuts coconut, almonds give the hair the shine that you think you had when you were a kid.

Tea and coffee pump up the excretory system (or in normal terms drainage system) of your body. Hence reduce the number of cups per day. Another important part of diet is saying no to alcohol; but not a complete no. Decrease the frequency with which you gulp the alcohol down. You will find the difference yourself. Not just in your hair, your persona as well.

Alcohol increases drainage of water and important nutrients, and hampers the absorption of minerals crucial for hair health. Alcohol is antagonistic to several minerals and vitamins that are essential for healthy hair.

Prevent hair loss - Caring for Exteriors
The diet and exercise take care of the inside of your hair (which is more important); taking care of the look of your hair thnen becomes easy. Selection of the shampoo, conditioner, sprays, gels, colours, and oils should be very relevant to your hair type rather than your mind type.

Though a bit risky, if you think you have an excellent diet and exercise, then you can even try new products without hesitation.