Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Tips to Choose a Shampoo That Suits Your Hair

You find strings of hair clogged at the drainage outlet in your bathroom, you blame it on your shampoo. You find tons of hair stuck to your comb after a clean wash and you blame it on your shampoo. And what do you do to solve the problem? Well, buy another shampoo.Probably you do not do this, but there are hundreds of people who keep changing their shampoos.Only very few realize that shampoo has a very minor part to play in your hair loss.

There are many different varieties of shampoos available at different places. The fact that electronic commerce is soon catching up can be seen directly with the number of websites dedicated only to hair. Each of such sites offers different types of shampoos for your hair. Obviously there is abundant confusion around. However there are simple ways of choosing the right kind of shampoo for your hair.

What can a shampoo do?
The human skin glands store an oily substance called sebum. This is generally released out and coats the shaft of the hair.Because of its sticky nature it attracts the dirt present in the air around the head.

Shampoos are used to clean this dirt off from the hair. The development of science in this region has seen various ingredients being used to get better results. However many shampoos can only make the hair look brighter after use. But they make it unhealthy with the ingredients that are left behind on the hair. Therefore it becomes imperative that you choose the correct kind of shampoo for your hair.

Few tips to choose the right shampoo for your hair
Though there are numerous sites that can give you the tips to find a shampoo for you hair, there is one simple thing that these sites tend to miss. Shampoo is a solution that is used to clean the exterior of your hair. In some cases, the ingredients of the shampoo go into the scalp, reaching the root of the hair and cleaning it from inside out. However this could still be considered exterior cleansing, because shampoos do not provide food for your hair.

Here are the tips:
Of the most important things that our website is going to tell you, this is the one that helps you more: Knowing your hair means understanding your hair behavior in different environments at different points of time. This helps in choosing the right kind of product for your hair. Ofcourse you can always take the help of a professional dermatologist to help you with choosing the right shampoo for your hair.
Do not try and experiment with different shampoos on your hair. Certain chemicals used in different kinds of shampoos may react with each other.
Find the actual cause of your hair loss, instead of blaming it on the shampoo that you are presently using. Do not change your shampoo without reason
If you have oily hair choose a shampoo that does not have strong detergent base. Use mild shampoos depending on how oily your hair gets. Regular usage of a simple shampoo cleans your hair of dirt caused by sebum.
If you have normal hair, find a shampoo that can give you protection from itching and other scalp issues. A shampoo with mild detergents combined with shampoo that can keep the moist in your hair gives great results for normal hair.
If you have dry hair, choose a shampoo that doesn't have detergents. Low levels of moisture result in dry hair. Hence any shampoo that can keep the moisture level of the hair as it is, without reacting with it, is fine for dry hair.