Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Trendy Hair Pieces for Your Hair

The origin of the hairpieces dates back to ancient civilizations. This goes onto explain that hair loss has been a problem that has caused not just debate but also worries. Though one can assume that these worries gave birth to hair pieces, the hidden instinct in men and women to be different from others is also one reason behind the birth of hair pieces.

Whatever the reason, hairpieces for both women and men are being developed not just to cover their losing hair, but also to meet the trends and fads of the day.

The very first image that strikes anyones mind with the word wig is a typical comical scene wherein his/her falls off revealing his/her bald head. Though wig is generally associated with comedy scenes from Hollywood, it is imperative that one needs to appreciate the feelings of those who use wigs.

Apart from that, a wig needs loads of attention - doesn't matter whether it is on your head or not. One needs to take care of a wig as if it is a part of ones body. You need to wash it with a shampoo, apply oil, conditioner, comb it, dry it and the list continues.

Generally you can order or customize your wig necessities. That is the best part of buying a wig. You can get the style you want and the bulk you want. For some, a wig becomes an integral part of their lives so much so that, they might even call it as a part of their body.

However the worst part of story of a wig is that the costliest wigs require costly maintenance. Hence it is advised that people buy two wigs at a time rather than one. This makes buying wigs all the more costly. Ofcourse the effects of taking a dip in the water with a wig on the head also need to be considered.

Lookswise a toupee is not different from wigs, except that it looks smaller. A toupee can be called a small wig. While the wigs cover the entire head, toupees are designed to fit a specific part of the head where there is more hair loss. In many cases, people give out their own hair to make a toupee out of it. This is designed to fit a certain part of the head.

But as the hair loss rate increases, it becomes very difficult for people who wear toupee to fit on to their scalps. Hence toupees only serve the user for certain periods of time only. Out of chance one can bath with his/her wig on. But it is not advised nor possible to bathe with the toupees on. Toupees can be used specifically for certain occasions. But one needs to get a new toupee for each such occasion.

Other types of hair pieces
Though varied types of hair pieces are available, they cannot be called hair pieces without some logic used. Hair weaving, hair bonding, hair fusion all make use of the same process with which wigs work - adding more hair on the head. However the methods such as weaving, bonding and artificial extensions function to add more hair to the body. Though a lot can be written about them, it is advised that one get a fair idea about these methods from doctors.