Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Tips for Healthy Hair

Healthy hair is everybody's desire. It gives the greatest of looks adding to the confidence of a person, while also giving a certain definition to the features of every person. Taking care of your hair needs some extra care. Here are few tips that help you.

Natural hair care through Exercise
Well, you are not the only one who will be surprised if asked to give your body simple exercises for healthy hair. As already mentioned above, hair generally reflects your health. Only a healthy body can have healthy hair. So we suggest you to do regular exercise to get healthy hair.

Exercises need not be very strenuous nor do they need to include lifting weights with your hair. All you will need is a jog or walk for around 20 minutes per day followed by some stretching exercises to keep your body fit and fine. Not only these exercises increase the flexibility in your body, they make sure that your body performs its functions properly.

Though DIET for your hair needs to be mentioned at the top of the list, here exercise is given the top priority because you can do it early in the morning. However diet is as important as exercise. People need to understand that diet and exercise are a combination that effects the growth of healthy hair.

Take a balanced-diet whenever you take food. A Balanced diet is a diet that contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals apart from proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

Almost 97% of the hair is made of something called keratin, which is mainly a protein. Hence protein is an important part of growing healthy hair. Protein food, especially with shampoos and other hair products having amino proteins, gives strength to your hair.

Water is such an important part of our life that we almost ignore it or take it for granted. Hair has and needs certain moisture in the scalp for it to grow healthily. Drink at least 10 glasses of water per day. You will not only find healthy hair, you will find improved skin texture too.

If you have oily hair try avoiding fatty foods.

Some other general tips for healthy hair :

KNOW THY HAIR is the key factor to take care of your hair. This has been told and mentioned in every other article on this site. Knowing the behavior of your hair helps a lot in taking care of it.
Get regular oil massage. Oil massage soothes your hair and scalp, while making the skin on your head active. Massages help in relieving all kinds of pressures, and make the body parts function properly again.
Choose all hair products with great care. With the dawn of too much of information available on various websites, the confusion of a general reader has only increased. But with some time and patience, it will always be possible to differentiate a fake product and a product that works.
Understand that it is normal to loose 50-100 hair regularly. You need not panic at the very first sight of hair going down your bathroom drain. Take time to analyze if you are really losing hair
A product that has worked for your sibling or a friend need not work for you. Every person is different from the other, hence find a product that works for you and you only.
One easy way for Natural Hair Care - do not comb wet hair..
Do not use strong dryers or blowers.
Do not leave massaged oil on your head for more than 30 min.
Do not tie your hair for too long. Leave them freely for as long as possible. However take care that you keep a balance between letting them loose and tying them up.
For women, it is advised not to try styles that need their hair to be tied for longer periods of time.