Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Hair Loss Treatment Review

If you already know that you have been experiencing pattern baldness, you are probably wondering what hair loss treatment is the most effective. What hair treatments are even worth trying? Here you will find a detailed guide and hair loss treatment reviews on the types of treatments that are currently available for you.
Rogaine Topical Minoxidil

If you are looking for an effective hair loss treatment to try, you may come across Topical Minoxidil Rogaine. Rogaine was originally used to treat high blood pressure, but was then found to treat hair growth, particularly in the forehead area. It men, Rogaine is used to treat the bald spot in male pattern baldness. In women, it is used to treat diffuse loss or thinning hair of the frontal scalp. Rogaine needs to be applied to the scalp at least twice daily for a minimum of four months in order to be effective. When applied to the scalp, Rogaine needs to be left there for at least four hours. Women who are pregnant or breast feeding should not use Rogaine. The side effects that may occur with Rogaine include skin irritation, skin itching, hives, swelling of the skin, and skin sensitivity.


Finasteride along with similar medications, such as Propecia and Proscar, are currently only used as a hair loss treatment for men with male pattern baldness. These hair loss treatments are supposed work by inhibiting an enzyme, which ultimately will reduce the amount of DHT that is naturally produced by the body. For some people, using these medications will result in the growth of new hair.

Hair Transplant as Treatment

One of your choices for a hair loss treatment is to get a hair transplant. In hair transplantation surgery, a piece of skin which contains hair follicles is removed from the back and sides of the head. They are extracted from surrounding tissue, and are then back into the balding areas of the head. They will continue to grow after they are reinserted. After the hair transplantation surgery, you will then need to use a drug such as Propecia to make sure that you will not lose anymore hair and to possibly increase hair growth in the scalp. The cons of this method are price, although treatment of this type continues to drop in price as technology gets better.


Inhairit is a topical solution used on the scalp which is claimed to slow the effects of DHT on the scalp. DHT is known as one possible influencing factor on male pattern baldness, and is believed to bind with and slowly degrade hair follicles in genetically predisposed men and women. By slowing the binding of this hormone, Inhairit claims to slow and even stop the hair loss process and restore the growth of hair.