Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Your guide to Perfect Hair Concealers

What do you do when you realize that you are loosing your hair every day, and that your hair loss is more than what you think it should be? Well you try to find solution. Yes that is an obvious solution. But in our minds we would want to HIDE our hair from being so visible to every one around us. And Hair Loss concealers do the job for us.

Hair loss concelaers are special products that can help you to look good, by stopping or concealing your hair loss. Many people consider hair concealers as an easy way to hide balding and thinning of hair.

Non surgical hair loss concealers
Before giving up the fight to hair loss concealers try using this: Minoxilil, which is commonly known as Rogain. Rogain is a famous over the counter drug used widely by people experiencing hair loss suddenly. Many men and women find it helpful in stopping further hair loss. However, it is recommended that women use only TWO percent solutions rather than the five percent solutionsAs is common with famous medicines, even this medicine is said to have side effects. Some such side effects might take a toll on your body and in some cases on your off spring too.

But if you think Rogain is not offering you help, then probably you need to consider some other methods. Hair restoration methods, hair pieces or even hair surgery help you in dealing with your hair loss. Though hair restoration methods need not be surgical, it could still be done with medicines on advice from professionals.

Generally, people suffering hair loss do not realize if they need professional help.However, if the person suffering from hair loss also faces problems with health (either physical or mental) it means that he/she needs professional help.Ofcourse the sooner he/she seeks help, the better it is for him.

The latest fad in non surgical hair loss concealers
'Micro-fibers' is the latest thing in non surgical hair loss concealers. Static electricity is used to bind these micro-fibers to hair (where there is hair loss). These micro-fibers stick to your hair for a certain period of time. As soon as they stick to your hair you will find more hair on your scalp. You will feel rejuvenated. Ofcourse you can use various other medicines which you want to use. Because micro-fibers are 100% external products, there are no side effects. And that is the reason why many people are running after it.

The surgical methods
To be very literal there are no surgical methods to conceal hair loss. However, the idea of a hair concealer is to grow hair (sooner or later) in a healthy and beautiful way. Hence hair restoration processes such as transplants and cloning can also be considered one of the hair concealers that are commonly in use.

Of all the hair loss concealers that are available online, only those concealers that give your hair strength are reliable. However the ones that give you instant results need not always be a safe bet to consider.