Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Hair Loss Treatments

If you are one among the millions who suffer from hair loss and if your hair is not growing back naturally, here we are discussing various options available for you. In the old days, many options are not available for treating hair loss as available now. The most common thing one suffering from hair loss do is going out and buying a toupee. What toupee you have to purchase depends on the severity of hair loss. One may get a partial toupee to cover the top or front of scalp. The other may get a full blown wig to cover the whole head. But you know - you may look worse than with no hair at all. Apart from the toupee there are a number of treatments for hair loss.

Non surgical bio matrix
Non surgical bio matrix is an important type of hair loss restoration. In this process real human hair will be added to your hair. The hair will be woven together with your own hair. This is done in the areas of balding; so when you comb your hair you can still see your scalp as the hair is actually not surgically implanted. It is a popular, easy and less expensive method.

Microscopic follicular unit hair transplants
Another best option is microscopic follicular unit hair transplants. A follicular unit is a group of hair follicles containing one to four hair follicles. These hairs in these units may not be visible to the naked eye. Normally the hair will be transplanted into these invisible follicular units. This method is considered to have the highest growth rate. It is also the most effective treatment for curing baldness.

Extreme Hair Therapy
Extreme Hair Therapy (EXT) is another effective option. EXT can stimulate hair growth in the balding areas. This method works by keeping your hair follicles in growth stage for longer duration than normal. It helps in stimulating thicker hair growth. It also slows down thinning process. This process helps basically by three means. One, it helps in improving blood flow and scalp circulation. Two, it prevents the hair loss caused by reaction of your hair with various environmental factors. Three, it uses new and advanced hair loss therapies in treating hair loss.

Of course the drugs like Minoxidil always stand as one of the best options for hair loss treatment. The drug Minoxidil can slow down or even reverse the balding process. Apply this on your head at about a 2% solution. Then you can see your hair growing. It is now marketed under the name Rogaine.