Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Your Guide to Healthy Hair

Generally, there is a wrong perception among many that it is only men that lose hair and not women. But, in reality hair loss is a common problem for many irrespective of their gender and region. Though hair loss is major worry for men, in case of women it is more than just a worry.

Hair loss affects your social activities in many ways. It is found in many studies that many women left their jobs when they found themselves losing their hair and getting bald. Hair loss and getting baldness may have a little effect on men compared to women. Men may be less concerned about this. But it will also have wrong effects on them psychologically. Especially it will be a great worry if you are the only bald man in your office.

But, do you know this interesting fact?Women are getting attracted to bald men more than they used to. Some dating agencies even started promoting the date among their members in a different way. Some agencies have opened a section only for bald men to help women find the one they like. So baldness is always not a curse. But we don't want you to become bald just for getting a date. So, here we tell you the exact causes of hair loss, how to stop it and grow healthy hair.

Causes of hair loss
There are many factors that cause hair loss. So never think that hair loss is caused just because of one factor. In some cases, it may be only one factor that causes hair loss. In other situations it may be a combination of various factors.

One or few of the following factors may cause hair loss:

Hereditary predisposition
Prescribed drug therapies
Skin disorders
Severe stress
Bacterial infections
Excessive androgen production
In addition to the above factors, health specialists suggest that women will experience hair loss during menopause. During this period, a woman has to pass through a phase where there will be decrease in the production of hormones. This hormonal imbalance not only affects their general health, but also causes hair loss.

How to prevent hair loss and get healthy hair?
The best ways for hair loss prevention would be - keeping healthy daily habits, taking a healthy diet and doing physical exercise regularly. These will definitely help you to decrease the levels of stress, which is found to be major cause of hair loss.

It will be really difficult to know who will experience hair loss and who will not. Anyway there are some ways to avoid hair loss and further baldness or delay the age when it happens. Here are some tips to stop hair loss and get healthy hair:

Take a diet rich in proteins
Avoid using drugs unnecessarily
Maintain hygienic habits
Avoid hormonal drugs therapy
There are other ways also to help women prevent hair loss and get healthy hair. It will be pretty effective if women follow prescribed treatment along with natural therapies. Some herbs given below help a lot:

Sage - it works well for weak hair
Rosemary - it enhances dark hair
Chamomile - it helps in promoting healthy hair growth
Burdock root - it prevents hair fall
It's important to note that although natural treatments are effective, you should not replace them with prescribed treatments.