Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Causes of Hair Loss

If you are wondering about the causes for losing hair, this article may be for you. Here you will learn what hairloss is, some of the common causes of hair loss, what ways in which this may occur, and how common it is.
What is hair loss?

It is normal to lose between sixty to one hundred hairs each day through showering or brushing your hair. When scalp hairs begin to thin and more hair is lost through normal shedding than the scalp is able to recreate, this is hair loss, and is something happens to many people, both men and women, as they get older in years.

How is it hair loss caused?

There are a number of factors that may determine why you are experiencing hair fall. One of the main factors is through genetics. Usually, the real cause of hair loss is hereditary. If your father experienced hair loss, and his father experienced the same, chances are that you could end up experiencing it as well. Other common reasons that may be causes of hair loss lose for you are thyroid problems, childbirth, a protein or iron deficiency, and cancer treatments. Certain medications also may cause thinning hair in men and women.

What ways is hair lost?

There are two ways in which hair is lost. The first way is patchy hair loss, in which hair is lost in well defined and evident areas. The rest of the scalp will have a good amount of hair which it does not lose. If you notice certain areas in which your head appears to be balding, or your hair seems to be thinning, chances are that you are experiencing patchy hair loss - the cause of which is generally not pattern baldness or genetics related. The second way which in which you hair may be lost is generalized hair loss. This is when there is a complete thinning of the entire scalp. There will be absolutely no areas that appear to be experiencing normal hair growth. If your entire head seems to be losing hair, with no patches of normal growth, then your scalp is most likely experiencing generalized hair loss, caused by a temporary situation.

How common is hair loss?

Unfortunately, it is probably more common than you think. About two out of every three men experience complete balding as they get older. Since a major cause of most hair loss is the attack of hair follicles by DHT over age, it makes sense that people would begin losing more hair on average after the age of 30. An even higher percentage of men and women experience some type of hair loss at some point during their lives. If you feel embarrassed because you are losing hair, this is not necessary. There are more people out there who experience hair loss than those who do not.