Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Healthy Food for Your Hair

There are several causes for hair loss in men and women. The most common cause for hair loss in men is androgenetic alopecia. It is also called as DHT hair loss. When the male hormone - testosterone - gets converted to DHT, it causes hair loss. Apart from anti-androgen medication, there are also a number of herbal nutritional supplements available that have natural substances for blocking this transformation into DHT. These are also effective in treating hair loss. These supplements contain all-natural herbal, vitamin and mineral DHT inhibitors as active ingredients. They contain no harsh chemicals and also do not cause any side effects that hair loss medication causes.

Why is Healthy food important for your hair?
Nutrition has a lot of role for your hair care. Proper nutrition is very important for growth of hair follicles and healthy hair fiber. A balanced diet that contains natural vitamin supplements, proteins and mineral supplements can help in the healthy growth of hair follicles. If there is no proper nutrition the hair follicles will shed. The natural health supplements help your scalp get what it needs for creating beautiful, full-bodied hair and also help them to sustain when they get old.

Proper care and proper food are very necessary for healthy hair. For proper hair care treatment proper diet, regular exercise and herbal treatment are important. Using different kinds of products helps your hair to grow naturally.

Vegetables really help
Food rich in silica and iron can help prevent hair loss and support growth of healthy hair. Leafy vegetables are rich in iron. Taking them daily surely helps in getting the smooth and shiny hair that everyone loves to look at.

Make sure your diet contains beets, broccoli, green leafy vegetables, carrots, mint, radish and basil. You can also take different types of salads to add freshness to your diet. If you combine herbs and vegetables it makes a very healthy diet for your hair. For better digestion of your food you have to cook it tender enough to eat.

Spices and fruits also help
You may be having an impression that spices are not good for health. But some spices like turmeric and cumin are very helpful for healthy hair growth. Fruits act as essential nutrient providers. So make them part of your daily diet. Berries, melons, citrus fruits, grapes and raisins help in healthy hair growth. Coconut helps a lot in avoiding premature graying and also hair fall.

Stay away from unhealthy habits
It is also better to quit unhealthy habits like smoking, aerated drinks and caffeine as these weaken your bones and badly affect your hair too. Also avoid constant brushing and combing your hair. You should be careful the way you take care of your hair. If you roughen up your hair it will definitely damage your hair. Doing head bath with too much of hot water is also not good for your hair. Never stress your hair in any manner. Blow-drying more is also not good for your hair.