Wednesday, November 07, 2007

My Hair Loss Solution Story

Nine years ago, at age 22, I realized that I was losing my hair. Along with my hair, I started losing my self-confidence.

I could not stand it, and felt I must do something to stop it. Some kind of hair loss treatment. My parents have healthy hair, so I guessed it wasn't genetic. I started thinking: Why me?! What is the cause of my baldness? And what kind of hair treatments should I get? I started investigating...

Over the years I checked about lots of hair treatments, or products, thought about hypnotic treatment to reduce stress (which is considered one of the causes for losing hair). I read about the causes of baldness, went to doctors, put some strange stuff on my hair. I even considered a hair transplant. Hair transplant is so expensive, I can't believe I almost sold my car to bring my lost hair back (and I would have gotten doll hair). Then, I discovered I had plenty of testosterone, which proves that I'm a man, but that didn't bring my hair back.

Finally, before I got married, I decided to make the move to disguise my hair issue forever. Deep in my mind, I knew the solution, but I didn't have enough guts to do it. Also, my girlfriend (wife today) didn't want me to do it. However, this time it was stronger than both of us. I wanted to feel free at my wedding party.

After some long years of losing hair, I just did it.
It was very scary...

The very next day I felt reborn!
After so many bad hours near the mirror, I just loved what I saw.
A few months later I created this Web site just to spread the word about the real solution, which is better than all hair loss solutions - in my opinion.