Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Thinning Hair Causes

Almost everyone suffers from in life from thinning hair at some point in time. However there is nothing to get worried about if your hair starts thinning as it occurs because of numerous natural reasons. It is not possible to pinpoint the exact cause for thinning hair as different people have different medical conditions and lifestyles that bring about the onset of hair loss.

The only and best way of finding out the cause for your thinning hair is to visit your doctor where you will be made to undergo numerous tests to find out if your hair loss is because of heredity, diet, medical treatments or if it is a symptom of a disease.

Genetics is considered to be the leading cause of excessive hair fall for both men and women. Not what many people think; that continual wearing of a cap leads to thinning hair. And neither do continual use of hair products like shampoos and solutions lead to loss of hair on the scalp.

Thinning hair can be treated with some hair thinning treatments that the doctor will prescribe you on examining your hair and scalp. However different patients tend to produce different results with different hair thinning treatments. And while some of these treatments prove to be successful in treating your hair problem, once you stop taking the medication, you find that your hair starts to thin out again.

There are some surgical hair treatments available which are rather successful. However, this option is an expensive option where the surgeon removes a small patch of your healthy hair to create several hair grafts. The surgeon then places them over the thinning patches of your scalp, at specific angles so that no one will actually notice the difference when hair starts to grow.

However, it is necessary to use some other hair thinning treatment like a pill or topical solution, with this option. The doctor will prescribe the better option for you, depending on your problem. Women are usually the better candidates for surgical treatment for thinning hair as they don’t lose all their hair. Often people resort to wigs for thinning hair in order to maintain an active social lifestyle

If you are prescribed some other thinning hair treatment, even if prescribed, make sure you use them carefully. This is because some of them have harmful side effects and some tend to promote hair growth on the top and sides of the head and not on the back. Don’t think that you will regain your full head of hair with a hair treatment. This treatment will only help, and prevent you from becoming completely bald.