Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Home Remedies for Hair Loss

The long list of warnings following the benefits of commercially available hair loss growth medicines is a point of concern for balding sufferers. Growing hair at the expanse of health makes little sense. The safest alternative to these medications for some people is using home remedies for hair loss growth.

The following are some of the more well known ideas for using natural ingredients to help with hair loss, and none are proven to work.

Diet and Hair Growth

The intake of nutrients effects hair as much as it does other body components. Hair is essentially protein along with a few other nutrients in composition. Therefore, the first home remedy for hair loss growth is a balanced diet. It is the easiest and most natural way to overcome the deficiency of some vitamins and minerals that are essential for hair growth. Important nutrients responsible for this include iron, copper, iodine, and some vitamins of B group. You should include vegetable seeds, fresh fruit, eggs, and milk in your daily diet plan.

Massaging with Fingers

It is a very simple but some claim it is a highly effective technique to rub your scalp with the fingers after washing your hair, especially the balding spots, with cold water. Just run your fingers deeply into the hair to rub the scalp. Massaging thus increases the blood flow in the area of scalp, which drives the heat from the rubbing. This activates the sebaceous glands and makes hair loss growth possible. However, it is important to remember that the effectiveness of this remedy (and all others) varies from person to person. Still, it should be tried before turning to drugs.

Coconut Milk

Using coconut milk for improving hair growth is another simple home remedy for hair loss that some claim to offer results. Grind coconut shavings and press them tightly to get the extract, the coconut milk. Apply this liquid all over your scalp with fingers and give your scalp a deep massage so that the coconut milk reaches the roots of your hair. It serves to nourish the hair and promote the growth of new hair. In addition, it keeps the existing hair in a healthy condition.

Amla-Lime Shampoo

A simple and effective hair loss home remedy is the homemade amla-lime shampoo. You can make it by taking boiling dry amla pieces in coconut oil. Mix this amla juice with some limejuice. This mixture is your required shampoo. Use it as a shampoo to wash your hair with. It stimulates hair growth and prevents balding.

Other Hair Loss growth Elements

A number of traditionally used oriental tonics are useful for keeping liver and kidneys healthy and also promote hair growth. Some of these herbs include Polygonum, Lycium fruit, Chinese foxglove root, Chinese yam, Cornus.